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Quality Milk

Quality Milk

Experience the Delight of Premium Quality Milk - Fresh, Nutritious, and Delicious!
Best Fresh Farm Milk in Gurgaon

About Us!

Get Fresh Milk Home Delivery in Gurgaon

By delivering farm fresh milk directly to the consumer’s doorstep, Payoda Dairy Farms encourages consumers to engage in dietary practises that are beneficial to their health.

We offer convenient delivery options, including daily and weekly deliveries, to ensure that you always have fresh milk on hand. Our premium cow’s milk is delivered in glass bottles and is 100% pure, natural, and nutritious.

Try our farm-fresh milk today and taste the difference for yourself!

No Adulteration

No Antibiotics

Strong Digestive System

Weight Loss Friendly

Boost Immunity

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Our Products

Our Dairy Products For Healthy Living

Buy Payoda farm fresh milk with no adulteration & flexible subscription options. Our milk is delivered early morning & in glass bottles.


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Why Choosing Us!

Why People Are Choosing Us For Farm Fresh Milk in Gurgaon?

People choose Payoda Dairy Farm for farm-fresh milk because we are committed to providing the highest quality milk possible.

Few reasons why people choose us!

Cows are raised with care and respect

Always ensuring that they are healthy and happy

Our milk is never processed or homogenized

Convenient delivery options

Milk at your doorstep

Supporting Local Farmers

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No Adulteration

No Antibiotics

No Antibiotics

Heathy Heart

Our Process

Quality at Every Step: The Step-by-Step Process of Payoda Dairy Farm's Products

Machine Milking

Machine Milking

Machine milking is the process of using milking equipment to extract milk from cows without any human touch. Before milking, the udder of the cow is cleaned thoroughly with warm water and sanitizing it with a mild antiseptic solution.

Bulk Milk Chilling

Bulk Milk Chilling (BMC)

Milk is chilled to 4°C to slow down the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms present in the milk and extend the shelf life of milk and prevent spoilage. It also helps to maintain freshness and quality of milk by keeping its taste, texture, and nutritional content.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing before dispatch to customer

We are committed to serve high quality and fresh milk to our customers. Before we deliver our products to our customer, we ensure that the farm fresh milk is free from contaminants, such as harmful bacteria, antibiotics or other substances that may pose a health risk.

Contactless Bottle

Contactless Bottle filling

Our contactless milk bottle filling is a hygienic process where milk is packaged into bottles from BMC without direct human contact. It minimizes contamination risks, ensuring safe and clean milk for consumers.


Packaging in Glass bottle

Packaging milk in glass bottles offers eco-friendliness, product freshness, and enhanced taste. It preserves the quality of milk, reduces environmental impact, and provides a premium experience for consumers seeking sustainable and wholesome milk products.

Door to Door Delivery

Door step delivery within 4 hours of milking

We deliver farm fresh milk to your doorstep within 4 to 8 hours of milking. So that our customers will experience ultimate freshness with the purest taste and optimal nutrition in every glass.

Some Of Our Real Time Photos

Our Cows
Hygenic Cows
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Water Area
Payoda Milk Farm
Cleaning Time

Payoda Dairy's Milk vs. Other Milk

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Happy Client

What Our Clients Say About Us!

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Rudra Pratam

I have been using Payoda Dairy farm fresh milk from past couple of months and very happy with their product and service. They are very much serious about their quality. Now a days it's very difficult to trust local milkman to get pure wholesome milk.Thank you Payoda for providing quality milk with professional service.

best milk in gurgaon
milk delivery in gurgaon
Tanvi Biswal

Thank you, Payoda Dairy Farm, for delivering such exceptional milk! Your commitment to quality is evident in every sip. The freshness and richness of your milk are simply excellent. It's a pleasure to enjoy such delicious and nutritious dairy products from your farm. Keep up the great work

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dairy in gurgaon
Madhu Bala

I am writing this review to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional quality of your milk. A friend recommended your dairy farm, and I am delighted by the delicious taste and freshness of your milk. Thank you for providing us with the best milk experience!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide farm-fresh milk. We do not pasteurise, homogenise, cream separate, or otherwise process milk.

Our milk is absolutely safe because we produce it in a controlled setting, i.e. we manage cows well by providing natural feed. Pasteurization is not required. Regular boiling at home suffices. Pasteurization entails heating milk to 80°C and then rapidly chilling it. We don’t pasteurize milk since it affects the vitamins and minerals in it. Our milk is free of bacteria and other contaminants. Simple boiling at home suffices.

To avoid the growth of germs in milk, we refrigerate milk to 4°C within an hour of milking. A rigorous cold chain is used while packing and delivering chilled milk.

Our cows are bathed on a regular basis, and their health is monitored. Before milking, the cow’s udder is properly cleaned. Milk is put into containers without human intervention. We ensure that the cow is completely cleansed and that the person milking adheres to stringent hygienic requirements. We screen at multiple stages. We also clean our chilling and packaging processes on a regular basis.

Ans. Yes, it is generally safe to drink milk every day. Milk is a good source of essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins D and B12, and potassium, which are beneficial for overall health
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